Contact us (also anonymously)
Contact us (also anonymously)

If you want to share your story, make a proposal, or are in posession of relevant documents that you’d be willing to share with us, there are several ways that you can contact our newsroom, securely and anonymously. 

The simple way:

Send us an email to [email protected] — we check the inbox regularly and try to respond to requests and proposals. Alternatively, send us a message on Telegram: @mediazzzona_bot.

You can also reach out to us through our social media accounts.  However, we get lots of messages, so there's a higher chance of your DM getting ‘lost’ there.

The secure way:

For secure communication, use ProtonMail — it’s end-to-end encrypted and protects the anonymity of users. Our ProtonMail address is [email protected]

If you prefer not to use ProtonMail, you can also send us a PGP-encrypted email — although many experts consider it outdated. One of the simplest ways would be to install Mailvelope, a browser extension. Here’s a very comprehensive user guide from Roskomsvoboda.

Having done that, you can send an email to one of our editors, for example to Egor Skovoroda, using his PGP-key (click here to copy the key).

Keep in mind: your name will not be encrypted (so you shouldn’t use your regular email address), and any files you’d like to send will also need to be encrypted separately before you attach them to the email.

One more way for documents and files:

You can also use dedicated file-sharing services like OnionShare to transfer files anonymously — but first you’d need to contact us using one of the options above, so that we can discuss details in a more secure environment (Signal or Wire).

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