“You may carry on with your flings.” Inside the police raid on a Moscow gay club
Оля Ромашова
“You may carry on with your flings.” Inside the police raid on a Moscow gay club
4 December 2023, 20:33

Photo: AP

In the early hours of December 2, at least three gay clubs in Moscow were reportedly targeted by police raids. The venues involved were Secret, the Mono bar, and the Hunters Party event at Kinky Rouge. Reports also mentioned, without detail, visits by law enforcement to gay saunas in Moscow. An anonymous attendee of the Hunters Party shared their experience of the police raid with Mediazona.

When I arrived, everything seemed normal. After about 10–15 minutes of sitting near the exit, I noticed police officers entering the venue. I immediately sensed trouble and knew it was time to leave, so I ran to the cloakroom to get my jacket. As I approached the exit, I found the door was locked. We were told we couldn’t leave and had to wait.

For about 30 minutes, we waited without any explanation as to why. A large crowd gathered. Police arrived with dogs and began searching the place. They didn't explain anything to us. The whole time, everyone was scared because the situation was so unclear.

When the door finally opened a bit, I saw a police bus outside. Everyone thought we were going to be taken away. After a long wait, they let us out one by one, took photos of our IDs, and then let us go. I just ran away from there.

Those who stayed until the end were told, and I quote, “you may carry on with your flings.” It was a very strange comment. They explained nothing to us.

I think it’s nonsense [to claim that these were drug raids]. They could have just used that as a pretext. But why target these places all over Moscow? It’s strange. No, [I’ve never experienced such raids before]. It all started after this law was passed. Before that, things were calm.

Editor: Egor Skovoroda

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